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Talk radio was a dream of mine, you see.

Seventeen years ago, I started an email newsletter to share my political observations. With my vivid imagination I made the newsletter a “segment” of a so-called “talk radio show.” 
Over the years, the email newsletter grew in popularity with friends and family forwarding it to their friends and family throughout the world (literally!) My opinions reached parts of Washington, Texas, California, El Salvador, and the Middle East! I would answer questions and comment on feedback from curious contacts about why I said what I believe.
Given that technology has vastly evolved since I started my newsletter, the blogosphere and recording software made it possible for me to improve on my commenting. My commentaries evolved from a mere email letter to podcasting. My political newsletter and podcasts found a home on the internet. With the changing times, I could not keep up with developing my fact-based opinions. I was only able to post headline news every now and then. The site then evolved into The NewsReel

So while the talk radio part never materialized, the newsletter and podcast continued to grow incorporating different genres such as cinema, music, and tech. My YouTube combined hits are nearing 1,000,000 views. My tweets generate thousands of reactions weekly.
The latest chapter of my project sees a return to form with a new look. My mission continues to be education this time emphasizing the financial advantages of real estate, the benefits of technology, and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.
Find your purpose in life, count your blessings, and strive to be a better person in business and in health. I did it so can you!
This is The Andres Segovia Show!

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